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The NewCo Experience

John Battelle Explains the NewCo Experience

Since 2012, NewCo festivals have welcomed over 30,000 attendees into the offices of 1,500 innovative organizations. Attending a NewCo festival is a remarkable experience! It’s like a passport into the true culture of businesses changing the face of cities as diverse as Istanbul, Mexico City, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Our "inside out" model is simple: Pick your city. Get your ticket. Choose which companies you want to explore.

  • Atlas Obscura Celebrates Curiosity With the Weird and Wondrous

    NewCo Spotlight

    More than 35,000 people have turned out for Atlas Obscura’s events. Events, are just a small part of what they company does. Working off the premise that you haven’t seen anything yet, Atlas Obscura is creating an online compendium of “the world's most curious and awe-inspiring places.” Think of it as National Geographic for the millennial generation. Co-founder Dylan Thuras tells NewCo about the company’s mission, why he’s passionate about it, and what the company might look like in 5 to 10 years.

  • Matt Mahan, CEO and co-founder of Brigade

    NewCo Spotlight

    Matt Mahan, CEO and co-founder of Brigade, discusses the company’s mission with NewCo. We also get a peek at the app, a “citizen empowerment platform” that provides tools to help people “participate in voting, advocacy, and awareness-raising to have an impact on political outcomes that affect their lives.”

Recent Stories from NewCo’s Shift Publication

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Recent Stories from NewCo’s Shift Publication

Facebook Pivots to Privacy. Why?

Hint: Because Facebook wants to eat the Internet, and WeChat shows the way.  (cross posted from Searchblog) I’ll never forget a meal I had with a senior executive at Facebook many years ago, back when I was just starting to question the motives of the burgeoning startup’s ambition. I asked whether the company would ever support…

The Internet Must Change. To Get There, Start With the Data.

This is an edited version of a series of talks I first gave in New York over the past week, outlining my work at Columbia. Many thanks to Reinvent, Pete Leyden, Cap Gemini, Columbia University, Cossette/Vision7, and the New York Times for hosting and helping me. Cross posted from Searchblog.  Prelude.  I have spent 30-plus…

Predictions for 2019: Data, Tech, Media, Climate, Markets and…Cannabis…

If predictions are like baseball, I’m bound to have a bad year in 2019, given how well things went the last time around. And given how my own interests, work life, and physical location have changed of late, I’m not entirely sure what might spring from this particular session at the keyboard. But as I’ve…

One Year Ago: How Our Predictions Fared

Cross posted from Searchblog Every year I write predictions for the year ahead. And at the end of that year, I grade myself on how I did. I love writing this post, and thankfully you all love reading it as well. These “How I Did” posts are usually the most popular of the year, beating…

Don’t Blame Facebook.

We got ourselves into this mess. Facebook was just happy to take our money – and our data – as we did. 2019 is the year we starting digging ourselves back out. (Cross posted from Searchblog) Those of us fortunate enough to have lived through the birth of the web have a habit of stewing…

Would You Go To China on Business Now?

So yes, I am planning on going to China on Saturday. My first time, I’m a bit embarrassed to say. It’s not for a lack of opportunities, but rather a conviction that when I did go, I’d make a study of it, staying for at least two weeks, if not more. But I’ve realized lately…

Naked and Afraid

Mark Zuckerberg is in a crisis of leadership. Will he grasp its opportunity? It seems like an eternity, but about one year ago this Fall, Uber had kicked its iconic founding CEO to the curb, and he responded by attempting a board room coup. Meanwhile, Facebook was at least a year into crisis mode, clumsily…

Tech Must Get Over Its Superman Complex, Or We’re All Screwed

Detail from the cover of Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century Everyone in tech loves Yuval Noah Harari. This is cause for concern. A year and a half ago I reviewed Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus, recommending it to the entire industry with this subhead: “No one in tech is talking about…

Dear Advertising Industry: Please Do Better. You’re Killing the Open Web.

If you’re read my rants for long enough, you know I’m fond of programmatic advertising. I’ve called it the most important artifact in human history, replacing  the Macintosh as the most significant tool ever created. So yes, I think programmatic advertising is a big deal. As I wrote in the aforementioned post: “I believe the…

Global Advisory Council

  • Arianna Huffington
    President and Editor-In-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group
  • Brad Feld
    Managing Director, Foundry Group
  • Dick Costolo
  • Fred Wilson
    Founder & Partner, Union Square Ventures
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
    CEO & Founder, VaynerMedia
  • Jason Hirschhorn
    CEO and Chief Curator, The ReDEF Group
  • Jeff Weiner
    CEO, LinkedIn
  • John Borthwick
    CEO, Betaworks
  • Matt Seiler
    President, Studio71
  • Maynard Webb
    Founder, Webb Investment Network
  • Morgan Spurlock
    Founder & President, Warrior Poets
  • Rachel Whetstone
    Sr. VP, Policy & Communications, Uber
  • Ron Conway
    Founder & Managing Partner, SV Angel
  • Steve Papermaster
    Chairman and CEO, Powershift Group

NewCo New York Advisory Council

  • Adam Pritzker
    Cofounder I Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, General Assembly
  • Alison Brod
    Founder & CEO, Alison Brod Public Relations
  • Allison Arden
    VP/Publisher, Advertising Age & Internet Week
  • Andy Morris
    Founding Partner & Co-Principle, Morris + King Company
  • Bant Breen
    Founder, Qnary
  • Brooke Hammerling
    Founder, Brew Media Relations
  • Dave Morgan
    CEO & Founder, Simulmedia
  • Doug Chertok
    CEO, Vast Ventures
  • Ed Zimmerman
    Chair, Tech Group, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Eric Hippeau
    Partner, Lerer Ventures
  • Geoff Schiller
    Chief Revenue Officer/Chairman of the Board, Evolve Media/212NYC Digital
  • Henry Blodget
    Editor-In-Chief, Business Insider
  • Ian Schafer
    Founder & CEO, Deep Focus
  • Joanne Wilson
    Gotham Gal
  • Joe Jaffe
    CEO and Author, Evol8tion and Flip the Funnel
  • John Gerzema
    Executive Chairman, BAV Consulting
  • Kimberly Kadlec
    Global Partnerships, AOL
  • Mark Silva
    Founder & CEO, KITE
  • Martin Neisenholtz
    Fellow, Harvard University
  • Matt Freeman
    Partner, Bain Capital
  • Michael Lazerow
    Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce
  • Michael Zimbalist
    Vice President Research & Development Operations, NY Times
  • Nick Brien
    Founder, Brien Enterprise LLC
  • Paul Berry
    CEO & Founder, RebelMouse
  • Peter Naylor
    SVP Advertising, Hulu
  • Scott Meyer
    CEO, evidon
  • Terry Kawaja
    Founder and CEO, LUMA Partners

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